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Ingratitude - 1:11

From that thankless generation, Jesus received no love for all that He did for others.
Here and there a grateful woman ministered to Him of her substance.
Now and then a thankful soul became one of His disciples.
But for the most part there was no response to His love.
From the multitude He received shouts of murderous hate, demanding that He be crucified.
The longer Jesus lived, the more He suffered the ingratitude of mankind. ...

An Unwanted Saviour- 1:11

From day one, man's sword was drawn ready to kill Him.
Mankind didn't want Jesus then, and Jesus is not wanted now.
There was no room for Jesus then, and there is no room for Him now.
Bethlehem didn't want Him then, and it doesn't want Him now.
Our country doesn't want Him either.
He is not wanted by government. He is not welcomed in our public schools.
He is not welcomed in our businesses.
And, if the truth was know, He is not wanted in many of our churches.
There isn't any room for Him in our present world. ...

When We Meet Jesus
John 1:11-12

Lost Or Saved?
John 1:12 

Be An Andrew- 1:35-42

We have Jesus as our Saviour and we know how He has changed our lives.
Why are we not willing to express this to others?
We know that others are lost and dying without Jesus, and still we remain silent.
Andrew is an example of the concern that we should have for our relatives and friends.
He is mentioned three times in John's Gospel.
On each occasion he is bringing someone to Jesus. ...

Cognitive Dissonance- 1:35-42

Cognitive dissonance refers to the gap between our ideals and our actions,
between our creeds and our deeds, between the image we would like to have
of ourselves and the image we really present to others.
The tension that results from that gap between what we should be or want to be,
and the way we really are is the cause of much physical and emotional suffering.
Most of us are dissatisfied with ourselves at some point.
We know what is meant by gaps between our expectations and reality. ...

God's Gracious Invitations --John 1:39; 21:12

We Must Tell Others -- John 1:42

Doing God’s Work God’s Way -- John 2:24

Eternal Salvation- 3:16

A definite assurance of eternal life is given to those who believe.
He that believeth "hath" everlasting life.
It does not say that he may have if he works at it or pursues his goals.
And it does not say that this eternal life is given at death.
A person has eternal life the very second he believes. ...

The Greatest Gift- 3:16-18

We are not always happy with the gifts we get for Christmas.
Every year most of us end up exchanging some items, either because
they didn't fit or we didn't need them.
Sometimes we return items because they just don't work.
No one ever regrets receiving the Greatest Gift.
John 3:16 also tells us that the greatest gift is a gift we will treasure for eternity....

Is Christmas Backwards? - 3:16-17

Is it possible that Christmas has always taken place in a world that has lost its way?
Is it possible that we have always gotten important things backwards?
The birth of the Saviour happened in a darkened world of evil kings,
and there was no hope for those in need.
Yet, none of this darkness and loneliness could banish the star from the sky.
Again, during this Christmas season, hope is still shining like a star
that can turn our world around -- if we will look up and believe....

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He Must Increase - 3:30

Here was a successful man.
His name was on every lip.
Crowds followed him everywhere he went.
He was popular.
Then one day, a young carpenter from Nazareth appeared on the scene,
and the crowd was gone.
John stood, and watched them go.
All he said was: "He must increase, I must decrease." ...

Everybody Ought To Know!
John 3:36

Is Your Well Dry?
John 4:7-24

Hindrances To Worship
John 4:24

Come, See A Man- 4:27-30

Today many preachers must have large congregations.
Not many today are interested in witnessing to just one person.
Today, everything must be spectacular with bands and orchestras, or else there is
no reason to expect people to be interested in spiritual matters.
We must pray to be concerned with the value of a single soul.
In the heat of the day, the Lord Jesus found rest and refreshment
in speaking to a woman whom many would not even look upon.
If they did look upon her, it would be with eyes of scorn.
We must pray to have the compassion of our Lord's heart....

Business of Every Christian
John 4:27-39

Life Can Be Frustrating
John 5:1-18

What Is Life?- 5:19-27

Are you going to Heaven?
Do you have eternal life?
To have those things, you must believe in Jesus Christ.
All who have believed in Jesus Christ will go to Heaven, while the rest will live
forever in a horrible hell.
We should be forever grateful for the eternal life that Christ has given us.
Are you grateful for your eternal life?
Does your life show it? ...

Problem Solving- 6:1-13

There are probably some in this service struggling with a serious problem.
Maybe it is a financial problem, a family problem, a health problem, an emotional problem,
or something else.
If you have a problem you're dealing with in your life this morning or if you have had
one in the past, I hope that this sermon will help you in problem solving.
I know One who can solve all our problems....

It Cannot Be Done - 6:1-15

On the shore of Galilee, a short distance from where the Sermon on the Mount was delivered,
a large crowd had gathered to hear Jesus speak.
They had been listening to Jesus for a long time.
Jesus sensed their hunger.
Jesus told His disciples that they would need to feed that hungry crowd of people.
They didn't have enough money to do that.
Jesus probably heard more than once, the statement, "It can't be done!"...

No Need To Fear- 6:16-21

Do you have courage in your life?
Are you able to meet the challenges you face head on?
More importantly, do you have the courage to be what God wants you to be,
and to do what He wants you to do with your life?
That takes courage!
Often, when God tells us to do something, we are afraid.
We are hesitant to step out and do what He wants.
Regardless of what actions or a changes must come to our lifestyle or habits,
there is no need for fear!
There is no need to be afraid!
Here are some reasons why we need to have no fear. ...

"I Am The Bread Of Life!"- 6:35f

When Jesus performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes, declaring that
He was the bread sent down from heaven, those who had heard Jesus and had eaten
the food He miraculously provided were profoundly impressed.
It is significant that this miracle occurred during the Passover season.
It was not Moses who had given their forefathers manna in the wilderness,
but it was God Himself, Jesus had pointed out -- "... My Father giveth you
the true bread from heaven
." (John 6: 32; cf. Nehemiah 9:15)
Today, we all too often rely on people, organizations, or governments as our sources of supply.
We even short-sightedly think we provide for ourselves by our own labor and resources,
without thinking through to God....

Life Is In The Blood
John 6:53

Nowhere Else To Go!
John 6:60-71

Sin Of Backslidding
John 6:67-71

Rejoice, He Lives - 6:40

Christ's resurrection should effect us.
We should be overcome with great joy!
We should be shouting and singing praises to God!
We should be slapping each other on the back and rejoicing with tears of great joy.
Jesus Saves!
Jesus Lives! ...

What About Judging?
John 7:24

Nourishing The Soul
John 7:37-38

Spiritual Thirst
John 7:37-39

It All Belongs to God
John 8:38

John 9:1-3

Time Flies - 9:4

Because time flies, we ought to prize it, highly.
We should guard it, carefully.
We should enjoy it, fully.
We must use it, wisely.
We must pray over it, faithfully.
We should give thanks for it, continually. ...

Work While It Is Day
John 9:4

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Get To Know Jesus  10:1-10

How Far Love Must Go!
John 10:1-18

Christ The Door- 10:9

Jesus said, "I am the door."
Christ is the only door!
Jesus did not say, "I am a door."
He said, "I am the door."
There is a vast difference between a door and the door.
There is only one door into God's fold, and that door is Christ.
He is the only door.
"There is none of the name given under heaven among men, whereby we must be saved. "
Jesus said, "No man cometh unto the Father but by me." ...

It Is Time To Start Living!
John 10:10

Satisfied to be Mediorce
John 10:10

Believer's Security - 10:27-28

We must cling to what God's Word says, and not to our cherished opinions.
We must not search for new insights, which may alter our opinions.
It is not our opinions which are important -- it is what God's Word says that is important.
We must examine our theological statements by the Word of God....

The Call Of The Cross- 11:28

Our ears and our hearts are constantly besieged by calls.
We live in a world of calls.
There are bird calls, fire alarm calls, telephone calls, calls to arms, police calls,
and calls of distress.
Let us consider the call of the cross of Jesus....

The Expendables- 11:47

Every age and every area of life has had its "expendables," people who had to lose
that others may gain.
But, are they so expendable?
Could we have done without them?
Wasn't their very act of sacrifice more successful and more essential than all
our little acts of selfish achievement? ...

A Critical Spirit

What Will You Give?
John 12:1-8

Where Are You Headed?- 12:20-23

When we take a vacation or a business trip, we usually have a destination in mind.
We must plan.
We must make preparation for our journey.
It is absolutely essential that we must prepare for our journey through this life
and into the next.
Our life is heading somewhere.
We know that life on this earth will come to an end.
We also know that we will continue to live in eternity.
There are two destinations -- heaven or hell!
Everyone will live either in heaven or hell depending on the preparation that is made.
The information we need to prepare for the journey is found in God's Word....

Will You Follow?- 13:1-17

Passover was the time when all faithful Jews celebrated
the deliverance of the Israelites from Egyptian bondage.
It commemorated the sparing of Jewish lives even as the angel of death
was taking the lives of the firstborn sons of Egypt.
More than any other feast, Passover set the Jews apart as a people.
The deeds of the past are on the minds of the people as they move about Jerusalem,
but these are not the thoughts of the disciples of Jesus.
Their minds are on the future.
The kingdom of God is near.
Jesus has told them this.
How can one think of feasts when something as important as this is about to take place?
They are thinking about the kingdom, and of their place in it.
They are probably thinking: "I wonder where I'll fit into Jesus' plan. ...

Gathered Around The Table- 13:21-30

Gathered around the table with the Saviour were twelve men.
They were truly individuals.
Each had his particular need.
Each had his personal character, and each had his own thoughts.
Gathered around this table today are all of us.
Each of us has his or her particular need.
Each of us has his or her own personal character.
Each of us has his or her own thoughts.
Some of the things seen at that first table can be seen around this one....

Love One Another
John 13:34-35

A Conquering Love
John 13:34,35

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Heaven Is Real- 14:1

Heaven Is Real.
Heaven is as real as any city or country on the face of this earth.
Jesus said, " I go to prepare a place for you."
If Jesus said that He went to a place, then it is sure and certain that He went
to a definite place.
Heaven Is A Prepared Place.
Jesus said so, and that settles it.
That establishes the complete truth of it.
Heavenly mansions are being made ready by the Lord Jesus. ...

A Future With Hope - 14:1-3

Whatever each new day may bring, Christians face the future with hope.
Hope is the cornerstone of Christian faith.
Christians have responsibility of nourishing hope.
To claim to believe in God who can do all things, and then live without hope,
is to tarnish our Christian testimony.
As Christians, we must nurture a real belief in God, and in what has been done
for all mankind through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
There are three kinds of hope for the Christian.
There is hope now, hope for the future, and hope beyond this life.
There is hope now! ...

John 14:1-6

 Do What You Couldn’t
 John 14:12

Problem Of Death- 14:19

Do you fear death?
You do not ever have to fear death or its consequences.
You can receive the free gift of eternal life by trusting in Christ today.
Remember, your hopes lie not in what you have done for God, but in what
He has done for you upon the cross of Calvary. ...

Only A Branch - 15:1

So let us learn what a branch is and what it teaches us of our life in Christ.
A branch is simply a bit of wood brought forth by the vine for the one purpose
of serving the vine in bearing fruit.
It is of the very same nature as the vine and has one life and spirit with it.
First, It Suggests A Lesson Of Entire Consecration.
The branch has but one object for which it exists.
It has one purpose to which it is entirely given.
It is to bear fruit the vine wishes to bring forth.
So, the believer has but one reason for his existence on earth, and that is
for the heavenly Vine to bring forth His fruit through him. ...

The Vine Dresser- 15:1

My Father is the Vine Dresser.
He is the one who tills the ground.
In this case He is the one who tends the vine.
This is revealed in verse 2.
The vine dresser occupies himself with the branches.
He does this because the emphasis of the parable is fruit. ...

Leaves Or Fruit- 15:4

What does our Lord have to say about the fruit?
He simply says that fruit is the one purpose of the branch.
Fruit is the one reason for the existence of a branch.
Fruit is the one mark of being a true branch of the heavenly Vine.
It is the one condition of being allowed by the divine Husbandman to share
the life of the Vine.
Fruit is what the divine Husbandman expects. ...

Without Jesus - Nothing- 15:5

He actually said was, " For without Me you can do nothing, not even one."
What a challenge this is to our hopes and desires for much fruitful service.
It is possible to be in this blessed position only when I have learned the secret
of abiding in Christ and Christ abiding in me; Christ working through me;
Christ using me as His instrument for His purposes.
This is the only way to the fruitfulness of much fruit.
The only alternative is "nothing," that is to say: "not even one." ...

Fate Of Not Abiding- 15:6

So, the branch that is Not abiding in Christ, " is taken away by the Vine Dresser,
and is thrown out
," like the branch cut off from a natural vine.
The inner separation is followed by the outer separation.
The unfruitful branch is removed from the midst of the great crown of fruit-bearing branches.
Nothing remains but to throw it out, just like the salt that Jesus says is good for nothing....

Asking And Abiding- 15:7

You that have Christ's words abiding in you are equipped with those things which the Lord
regards with attention.
If the word of God abideth in you, you are the one who can pray because you meet
our great God with His own words.
You put your finger upon the very promise and say, "Lord, Thou hast promised!"
This is the best praying that you can do. ...

Joy - 15:9-11

So why the joy?
Why do the disciples have a blessed state?
It is because of their union with Jesus.
They in Him, and He in them .
So, in this union lies the joy of Jesus and of His disciples.
In Jesus this joy is already made full....

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Christ Helps The Home- 15:12

I'm convinced that the problems of family life and marriage in America are problems
that stem from the lack of love.
It's not a matter of too much money or too little money.
It's not that life is moving too fast or that technology has taken over
or that people aren't educated enough.
It is not that poverty or prejudice deprive people of a chance for a good home life..
Even with all the love-talk in America, and with all the love stories and all the novels,
the TV, the movies, and advertisements connecting everything in our society with love
-- we don't know how to love!
And because we don't know how, we often simply do not truly love each other.
Sometimes, we make love something weak and shallow, and see it as emotional feelings
and the physical expression of those feelings....

The Lordship Of Jesus- 15:14

All of us need an authority.
The freer we are, the greater the need for discipline.
The discovery of an authority that is not tyrannical is an authority that can and must
make righteous commands.
An authority that can issue benevolent promises with ability and the will to fulfill them
is one of the greatest needs of our world.
That authority may be discovered in Jesus Christ! ...

I Am Not Alone 16:32

Security We Need  John 16:33

The Hour Is Come- 17:1f

This was the crises hour in the life of Christ, and the pivotal point in the redemptive
purpose of God.
Jesus Christ is about to die the death of the cross.
In the cross all streams of prophecy will meet, and from it will radiate
all the glowing lines of history.
It was not only the hour of decision for the Son of God;
it was the hour of destiny for the redeemed among men. ...

Guard The Unity -- 17:20-26

All Together - 17:22

Our churches are caught up in so many organizational headaches, and are being
dragged down by the ambition of those who wish to be in charge.
Others are involved in the deadly game of competing with each other.
We must not realize that the situation is desperate, nor do we recognize
how fragile the life of the church is.
The battle must be fought together.
There will be no victory without fighting the enemy together.
Our churches need oneness.
But this oneness seems to be missing.
There are several reasons for this. ...

Christ Is Risen- 20:11-18

Let's celebrate the resurrection.
Today, let's celebrate, using the ancient greeting.
When Christians met one another, they greeted one another with "Christ is risen!"
and the response, "Christ is risen indeed!"
That would be a good practice for us today.
Say it after the service to one another.
When you see your neighbor, say, "Christ is risen!"
When you answer the phone today, say, "Christ is risen!" ...

Easter Is Life Changing- 20:19

The resurrection is a reality.
It is no longer second- hand report.
It is no longer a report --- it is a reality.
The experience with the risen Lord has changed everything.
No longer will fear control their lives.
No longer will they hide.
Now they can be what Jesus has called them to be.
They had sat at His feet.
They had seen Him perform miracles.
They had heard His teachings.
They had seen Him crucified, but now the power of the risen Lord is theirs.
Now they are empowered by the Holy Spirit.
An experience with the risen Lord changes everything. ...

Peace And Power - 20:19-22

The Holy Ghost came upon the disciples at Pentecost,
and they went out witnessing for Christ full of heavenly power.
A study of the Book of the Acts shows that those who were filled with the Holy Spirit
were full of power.
They had power to sacrifice and to suffer.
They had power to teach and to preach.
They had power to witness and to work.
Thousands of lost souls were born into the Kingdom of God and blessed
through their ministry. ...

Don't Miss Out!
John 20;28

God's Touch On The Shoulder - 21:15-22

God is a gracious, loving Father.
He is interested in every phase of our lives.
He wants the best for us in this world and in the world to come.
He does not leave us to be guided by blind chance.
He guides us by His Holy Spirit.
Often, He comes and touches us on the shoulder saying,
"This is the way, walk this way." ...

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