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Genesis -- Judges







God Is - 1:1
The first presupposition of the Bible is its claim that God is.
The Bible does not spend precious time trying to prove the existence of God.
It simply starts with this great affirmation: God is!
I want to declare to you in this message that God is!
God is the Creator behind all creation.
God is the supreme fact behind all history.
God is the supreme fact of life, of death, of time, and of eternity ... MORE


The Whiners- 3:1-3
Satan gets formerly contented followers grumbling against the authorities -- children against
parents -- husbands against wives -- citizens against the government -- labor against
management -- Christians against God.
...By pointing out the one small bruise on an otherwise sound apple,
Satan gets us to despise the whole fruit. ... MORE

Sin's Progression- 3:1-19
Eve had experienced lust for the first time in her life.
She wanted that fruit and she wanted the treasures it contained.
She had listened to Satan.
Then she had looked.
And now she lusts.
She has listened, she has looked, and she has lusted.
It is as simple as that.
And now she will experience the consequences. ... MORE

It's Not My Fault!- 3:4
Nothing ever is anyone's fault anymore.
We have no-fault auto insurance and no-fault divorce.
Drunkards are not to blame for their drunkenness is the view of some.
They would say that the alcohol, like a measles' germ, somehow floated into their bloodstream.
When a worker has an accident on the job, it is never his fault.
In this self-esteem world, cardinal sin is to imply that the disasters that happened
to us could be the direct or indirect result of our own sinful or foolish behavior.
This, "It's not my fault," attitude is an attempt to pretend that God doesn't exist,
and it denies one of the basic facts of life: God punishes sin. ... MORE

"Where Are You?"
Genesis 3:9

Stop The Blame Game! - 3:12
The blame game is a popular game and it is a destructive game.
It never heals -- it always hurts!
It never repairs relationships.
It only destroys relationships.
It never unites -- it only divides.
It never builds -- it always tears apart.
It never solves a problem.
It only compounds the problem.
Jesus came to stop the blame game. ... MORE

Help For Fathers- 5:21
Fortunate indeed is the family and the children who have the privilege of growing up
to maturity under the influence of one who personifies integrity and goodness
and all those graces of character that God wants to see nourished and flourishing.
God will help you to be a good father.
As a father, you are potentially the child's finest teacher about God. ... MORE

Walking With God!
Genesis 5:24

Danger of Delay!- 6:3
It is also taught in His Word, that it is possible for the pleadings of the Lord to cease
and for the unbelieving person to be finally left alone to die in his sin.
We must remember that God is not only the God of love but that He is also righteous and holy.
We must remember that there is a stern warning in God's Word as well as a tender wooing.
In Genesis 6:3, we read these words: "My spirit shall not always strive with men...
yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years
."... MORE

Faith For The Unknown- 12:1-7
Here is a man who is seventy-five year old.
He has worked hard all his life.
He has lived in the same area since birth.
He has been a leader in the community, and is respected by all.
You would think that he would be looking forward to retirement, slowing down,
and enjoying years he might have left.
One day as you pass his home he is packing all his earthly possessions.
It doesn't seem possible that he would be moving.
He has accumulated enough possessions to live comfortably. Why would he want to move?

Can You Pass The Test?
Genesis 13:7, 12;10

When Your Faith Is Tested
Genesis 22:2

A Stolen Identity
Genesis 25

Families Of Faith - 25:21
They trusted God for a child, and God responded to their faith.
God provided a child.
Isaac and Rebekah had learned to trust God.
They had to learn to trust God for one another, and to trust God for their family.
And that God honored their faith and provided for their need.
We must trust God for our needs.
We must have faith that God will provide.
The God who knows when a sparrow falls to the earth knows our every need.
Sometimes it is hard to trust Him for our needs.
Sometimes, even the smallest needs appear to be mountains we can't climb.

Never Alone
Genesis 28:10-22

The Lord Comes By
Genesis 28:16

How Big Is Your God, Daddy?- 32:7-12
We can tell our children that our God -- the God who was in Christ Jesus -- is big enough
to keep all of His promises!
"How Great Thou Art" is probably the favorite hymn of more Christians than any other.
It tells about a God who is big enough to put the stars in the skies and form
the soaring mountains -- and big enough to raise Christ.
That same God was big enough to hear the prayer of a sinner like Jacob and a sinner like me.
He is also big enough to protect our children, to forgive their failures, and to keep all of His promises.
"How big is your God, Daddy?"
Any father who doesn't know how to answer that question can find the answer
in giving his life to the Lord Jesus.

Victorious Over Self
Genesis 32:24-32

Yield Not To Tepmation!
Genesis 39:8

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A Mother's Wages- 2:9
What are the wages of the mother -- abuse, overwork, heartache?
In our modern life this often seems to be the type of reward that a mother may expect.
However, a godly mother can look beneath the surface, and see what the real wages are.
We can look at the story of Jochebed, the mother of Moses, and see truths pertinent
to the role of motherhood today.

God Always Remembers
Exodus 2:20-25

What To Do In The Desert?
Exodus 3:1

No More Excuses
Exodus 3:1-11

What Is In Your Hands?- 4:1-17
God is not looking for experts!
God is not looking for supermen and super-women.
God has all power and can do all things!
God is looking for people who will take what they have in their hands,
and put it in His hands!
God will do unbelievable things with all of us if we make ourselves available to Him!

Go Forward
Exodus 14:13-15

Going Nowhere- 14:10-15
God brought the Hebrew people into the Sinai desert for a purpose.
He was testing them.
Why would God test them?
Why not just meet their needs without making them wait and wonder?
Why not anticipate their needs and give them what they needed before they asked?
God was trying to grow their faith.
God was testing them because he wanted them to learn the most important lesson of life:
how to trust and obey Him.
This is the most important lesson that we can ever learn

Bitter Weeds Exodus 15

Imprisoned By The Past - 16:1-3

Test Time- 16:1-18
God brought the Hebrew people into the Sinai desert for a purpose.
He was testing them.
Why would God test them?
Why not just meet their needs without making them wait and wonder?
Why not anticipate their needs and give them what they needed before they asked?
God was trying to grow their faith.
God was testing them because he wanted them to learn the most important lesson of life:
how to trust and obey Him.
This is the most important lesson that we can ever learn.

Lying Is Always Wrong
Exodus 20:16

Get Along With Parents- 20:12
Every parent is in the process of being a parent.
There are times when they are confident.
There are other times when they doubt.
There are times when your parents are running scared.
Your parents may never tell you this directly, but there are times when
they are running scared when it comes to raising you.
They know how easy it is for you to really blow it.
They probably made some pretty silly mistakes when they were your age -- we all have!
I honestly believe that most parents mean well.

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Let Freedom Ring- 25:10
It is a time to return to first principles: work, sacrifice, discipline, patriotic devotion,
love of justice, freedom, honesty, high purpose, and respect for the rights of others.
These were first and basic principles in the foundation of our nation.
It is time to return to free enterprise: individual initiative, private industry, the freedom
to choose and work for a way of life -- these are fundamentals of life in a free society.
All are primary factors in a government of free people, and they are diminishing factors
in the way of life we know in our age.

It's About Tithing!
Leviticus 27:30-32


If You Go With Us!- 10:32
There are those today who would turn our Christianity into a self-help religion.
They expect Christianity to do something for them.
Preaching has become a selling device to convince customers and clients
that being a Christian is a very profitable matter.
No one can deny that Christianity brings a great joy to people,
but when you divorce it from the cross, you turn it into something it was never meant to be.
When that happens, it is no longer Christianity.

Why Do We Complain?
Numbers 11:1

Wasted Opportunities
Numbers 14:3-4

Longing For Egypt
Numbers 14:3-4

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God Is In Charge!
Deut. 1:6

A Great Heritage- 4:7
America Has a Great History.
The first 4th of July was celebrated with guns, bells and bonfires.
A terrible price was paid for our freedom.
July the fourth is still celebrated with pomp and parades, shows, games and sports.
To make America the great land that it is, fifty-six Americans pledged their lives,
their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

Will Our Children Have Faith?- 6:4-9
Children watch their parents!
Children are extremely perceptive, and they quickly recognize whether
there is a connection between their parent's faith and the way they live.
Unfortunately, the failure of many Christian parents to effectively model their faith
leads some children to reject Christianity.
The children have seen a distorted version of Christianity.
They have never been exposed to the real thing.


Good Cheer For The New Year- 11:12
Here is good cheer for us?
We can march boldly into this wilderness.
The pillar of fire and cloud will never leave us.
The manna will never cease to fall.
The rock will open to us with living streams of mercy.
So, let us grow through the new year with renewed confidence in our great God.

Courage For The New Year- 33:24-25
Every day in Canaan would not be the same.
Some would be bright, and some would be bleak.
Some would be calm, and some would be confused.
Some would be delightful, and some would be dreadful.
Some would be miserable, and some would be majestic.
Some would be tragic, and some would be triumphant.
But every blessing that God gives will be appropriate for the need.

A Promise For Every Day
Deut. 33:25

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Following God’s Will -- Joshua 1:5-6

We Need It! -- Joshua 1:7

Dare to be Decisive
Joshua 1:7

Principles To Live By
Joshua 1:8

Faith Is The Victory!
Joshua 6:1

Sins Of Omission- 11:15
Our chief concern in this message is with our disobedience in our responsibilities unto the Lord.
We are not primarily concerned with what we proposed, or intended, or planned to do.
We are concerned with those supreme things that God commanded us to do
which we have not done.
These are the things that should cause us great concern

Secret Of Old Age- 14:6-13
As we near old age, we must not lose the spirit of adventure and aggression.
We must not become hesitant to risk another step of faith for God.
We must not shrink from the rigors of battle.
Maybe we should remove our house slippers and attack some menacing mountain
in which the enemies of God are entrenched.

Iron Chariots
Joshua 14:7-5

Give Me This Mountain
Joshua 14:12


When People Forget God!
Judges 3:7

God Sifting The Saints
Judges 7:7

God Plus One
Judges 7:8

Men Made Here- 8:21
In London, there is a mission church in West Ham which has ministered for all over half a century
to the down and out.
Over the entrance there is an unusual sign that says, "Men Made Here."
Through the years, thousands of men, women and families have learned the meaning
of that sign

The Parable Of The Trees
Judges 9:7-20

Doing Your Own Thing!
Judges 13:5

Responses To Christ- 13:8
Today, as in the first century, there are multitudes for whom faith in Christ is neither
a miracle nor a menace, but is simply irrelevant.
Their answer is that a preoccupied indifference.
Is it possible that we Christians are partly to blame for its prevalence?
Is this what has happened because too many of us who know Jesus are devoid of zeal and power.
Has it happened because we show no certainty nor joy in our lives giving the impression
to the world that Christ makes very little difference after all?
Is it that the divisions within the church, our concentration on secondary things, our failure
to speak out for Christ, and our needless petty rivalries, which seemed to suggest
that our faith itself is meaningless.

Watch The Bees!- 14:8
Our God is incredible!
He made the universe in all its vastness, and He made the little bee.
The bee is one of the most marvelous and fascinating of all of God's creations.
When we learn some things about the ways and habits of the bees, we can also discover
some truths that we should live by.
Let's learn something about the bees.

Spiritual Delusions- 17:1-9
Many Christians live with a spiritual delusion.
They believe God doesn't mind their sins all that much.
They go to church, but live like the devil.
Each of us should examine our lives to determine if we are living under a spiritual delusion.
Our answer is tremendously important

Missing Gods
Judges 18:24

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Studies in Genesis - An expository study of the first eleven chapters of Genesis

These are exciting days to study the book of Genesis.

A great deal has been written on this book in the last few years and there has been much
new research in the area of science and the Bible.
It’s always a good thing to focus on issues that really matter.
Sometimes in the church we spend too much time nibbling around the edges
when we ought to be tackling the core issues of life.
It’s hard to imagine anything more fundamental to our faith than the opening chapters
of the Bible.

Here we find the answer to some very profound questions:
Where did we come from?
How did we get here?
Were we created or did we arrive on the scene as the random product of mindless evolution?
And if we were created, who created us and how did it happen?
Where did it happen?
When did it happen?

Genesis is the book of beginnings -- Click link above to go to series on Genesis.

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