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Jeremiah -- Malachi

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Broken Cisterns - Jeremiah 2

The Forgotten God - 2:28-31

Nothing but heartbreak, grief, and woe can come to those who choose to disregard the mercies
and the immutable counsels of God.
God has blessed America, but America has also forgotten God.
America has forgotten what made her strong and great.
America has forgotten God....More

What Is America? - 8:4-6

What is America?
We cannot answer that fully, unless we understand the past.
Our nation is a covenant nation.
It is the only surviving nation on earth that had its origins in the determination
of the founding fathers to establish a settlement, "To the glory of God
and the advancement of the Christian faith
." ...More

When The Harvest Is Past- 8:20

Do you remember the words of the Lord Jesus in John 6: 44?
Jesus said, "No man can come to Me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him."
That is one of the most serious statements to be found in the Word of God.
Do you think you can be saved whenever you want to?
Do you have an idea that you can accept Christ when you are ready?
That Scripture says -- not so!
You must accept Jesus Christ during the day of visitation.
That time of visitation is when the Holy Spirit is at work in your heart.
If you fail to take advantage -- you might wait until it is too late! ...More

Running The Race -- Jeremiah 12:15

Hearts Afire -- Jeremiah - 20:9

God's Plans- 29:11

None of us need to be victims of circumstances.
Not one of us need to go through life believing that we are victims of fate, or victims of bad luck.
Good things and bad things will happen to you and me.
Good things and bad things will happen to the saved and unsaved.
But, as a believer, I know something.
I know that all things work together for the good in my life.
Because I know God.
Because I know Jesus.
I know what He has done for me.
"All things work together for the good of those that love God
and are called according to His purposes."

Covenant With God - 29:13

Our American forefathers made a covenant with God in the Mayflower Compact.
In the founding of this nation, our forefathers made other covenants with God.
such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and other contracts.
They agreed to honor Him, and in return, they expected God to bless them
and their endeavors. ...More

Doing Good In Bad Times- 32:6-15

Even though the darkness may descend on us and the enemy may seem to be all about us,
and the the change we are hoping for doesn't seem to be around the corner -- we can lean upon God.
We can depend upon God!
He will be with us even in the darkest nights.
We know that there is a purpose to life.
We know that God has the solution for all our difficulties.
Our hope will enable us to stand even when it seems illogical. ...More

Is There A Word From God? - 37:17

It is the most ridiculous thing in the world for us to expect God to speak to us until we heed
the word already given.
We are writing books, attending meetings, compassing the whole earth, in the faint hope
that somehow, somewhere we shall regain the lost note of authority, which the church once enjoyed.
Instead of a holy boldness, we are stammering and apologizing for being the called of God.
Can you imagine what it would do for us if we were to accept this word from our Lord and go
from this place and act upon it....More



In His Place- 3:15

Ezekiel was sent, therefore, to a congregation acquainted with grief, to people whose eyes
were blinded with tears.
For this difficult task, the prophet needed special preparation.
God was ready to educate him.
He went and sat down among the people to whom he was to minister.
" I sat where they sat."
He looked out upon the world through their eyes.
He bled through their wounds.
He wept in their tears.
We need that kind of preparation.
We need to do that in all of our relationships. ...More

Don't Blame Your Parents- 18:1-4

Ezekiel is saying to his generation and to ours, the present is your responsibility.
He could see that his generation's fixation on the past and its sins drew their attention away from
the present and its opportunities.
His generation figured they were stuck with the way things were in their lives
because it was a punishment for the way their fathers had lived.
Because their fathers had eaten sour grapes, and their teeth were set on edge.
Ezekiel will have none of this.
The past shapes the present, but it does not determine the present.
The past presents the agenda for the present,
but it doesn't decide what is going to happen to it. ...More

God, Give Us Men- 22:30

We are anxious to have something happened -- to someone else.
We want to see God change the world, but we are not eager for Christ to change us or to use us.
God is looking for a man to stand in the gap!
There are gaps in the lives of people all around us.
We must touch their lives!
How do we do this? ...More

Don't Just Stand There!
Ezekiel 22:30

Parable of Holy Water
Ezekiel 47

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When Sickness Comes
Daniel 3:17

Daniel 3:16-18

Faith That Defies Defeat
Daniel 3:16-18

On To Victory!
Daniel 3:16-18


God’s Amazing Love
Hosea 3:5-5



Prepare To Meet Thy God - Amos 4:12
God's judgment is always tempered with His mercy.
He does not plan a judgment day for man without warning him.
The Bible is replete with prophecy, promise, and pronouncements of that coming day.
Beside the Scriptural warnings, life and nature warn man to prepare for that
ultimate reckoning.
Amos listed some of these natural warnings. ... More


Nauseating Neutrality --Obadiah 11


God's Call To Jonah -- Jonah 1:1-3

When You Really Mess Up! -- Jonah 1:10-12

The Patience Of God -- Jonah 4:11

God’s Great Compassion -- Jonah 4:11


Journey To Bethlehem- 5:2

Christmas is a time to renew our faith in the experience of love and devotion.
It is a time for coming into the presence of the Christ Child.
It is Immanuel -- God with us -- to find new heart and hope!
What a challenge the Christmas Gospel presents to our timid faith! ...More

God's Requirements --Micah 6:8


What America Was Like A Century Ago -- Nahum 1:1-8 by Pastor David Dykes


When The Seagulls Do Not Come  Habakkuk 1:4 and others

Power of Personal Vision Habakkuk 1:1-5

Be Thankful, Regardless - 3:17-19

Usually our thanksgiving focus is on our abundance, for which we are grateful, but there are times
when things are not abundant.
There are times when everything seems to be against us.
There are times when the cupboard is bare and the balance in the checkbook is zero.
Yet, even in the worst of times there is so much for which we can be grateful.
It is easy to thank God in the times of abundance; but we must also give thanks
when things are not so good.
So, be thankful -- regardless! ...More


God's Gonna Do Great Things- 9:9-12

God wants to transform your life!
Not only is God going to do great things "out there,"
God has promised that He's gonna do great things "in here."
God has promised that the Church will explode in power and fruitfulness, but more than that,
God has promised a personal blessing for you also.
God wants to work in your life.
He wants to give you the courage you need to get back on the playing field of life.
"Return to your strongholds! Today, I will restore to you double!" ...More


The Messiah 3:1-4

The people were looking for the coming of the Messiah.
Although the people had sunk to such a low ebb, and their hopes had been dashed by the failures
in their national life, they had begun longingly to look forward to the coming of the Messiah.
They took the attitude that there was nothing they could do about the deplorable conditions
around them; so, they would just fold their hands and wait for divine deliverance.
There was a complete misunderstanding of the prophecies, which predicted the coming of the Messiah.
These people became too much like another group, in another day, who put on white robes,
climbed to the highest hill, and waited for Jesus Christ to come back.
If the people in Malachi's day were expecting the Messiah's coming, how can it be said
that He was unexpected? ...More

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