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Practical Pastoral Counseling


Pastors can help people face reality
and be responsible.
We can help them to find practical solutions
to their problems.
We can help them by developing a learned
observation and by insight that God
will give us, and them to understand
how they are relating to others,
and how they may need to change
in order to be more adult and mature.

In pastoral counseling, the pastor as
counselor is concerned with spiritual
In other types of counseling the spiritual
aspect is often totally ignored.

The pastor is also concerned with
psychological problems.
He is also aware that physical problems
may be contributing to a spiritual
or psychological problem.

Pastoral counselors can use some practical
techniques to recognize psychological
and spiritual problems.
Isaiah 50:4: "The Lord God hath given me
the tongue of the learned,
that I should know how to speak
a word in season to him that it is weary

These words are so fitting for pastors
who are counseling.

New Sermon Files

Sermon Series on New Sermon Files:
About God - 12 sermons
About Jesus - 24 sermons
Angels - 9 sermons
Beatitudes - 8 sermons
John 15 - 9 sermons
Acts -27 sermons
Romans 8 -42 sermons
Colossians - 4 sermons
Ephesians - 24 sermons
Psalms of Assent - 16 sermons
Habakkuk - 12 sermons
Psalms 23 - 13 sermons
Psalms 139 - 4 sermons
Book of Revelations - 22 sermons
1 Timothy- 4 sermons
2 Timothy - verse by verse study
Titus - verse by verse study
  The sermons on Sermon Files
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Studies in Genesis

This study is a chapter by chapter
study of Genesis.

I can’t imagine anything more
fundamental to our faith than the
opening chapters of the Bible.

Here we find the answer to some very
profound questions:
Where did we come from?
How did we get here?
Were we created or did we arrive
on the scene as the random product
of a mindless evolution?
And if we were created,
who created us and how did it happen?
Where did it happen?
When did it happen?

Genesis is the book of beginnings.
The word means "origins"
or "beginnings."
It sets the stage for the rest
of the Bible, telling us God's plan
for His creation.

Special Sermons

http://angelfire .com/az3/hlw1932

On Special Sermons are sermons
for special days:
New Years - 17 sermons
Easter - 23 sermons
Mother’s Day - 17 sermons
Father’s Day - 11 sermons
July 4th - 8 sermons
Thanksgiving - 20 sermons
Christmas - 33 sermons
Revival - 29 sermons
Funeral - 16 sermons
Other Sermons - 10
Sermons on Ordaining Deacons,
Graduations, Old Age,
Memorial Day, Installing Teachers
Work Place

Pastor’s Pipleline

Articles on Pastors

Many churches experience
unhappy situations
due to a misunderstanding
of the nature and work
of the pastor.

I pray that these studies of the pastor and his church members will be used of God to give us
and them a better understanding
of these problems, and will create
harmony and love in the local

Pastor’s are God-Called
Pastor & Church Leadership
Pastor’s Role
And many other articles ...


21 Skills of Great Preachers
Feeding Sheep or Amusing Sheep
Preaching, A Divine Activity
Preaching Without Results
Preach With Authority
Preach With Love And Power
Ready To Preach
And other articles ...


Creative Spiritual  Leadership
Effective Christian Leadership
Dealing With Criticism
Hostile Aggressive Person
Coping With Bullies
Impossible People
Resolving Conflicts
Leadership Qualities

The Church

How to Organize a Church
Officers of the Church

How To Help Your Church
Increase Your Attendance
Doomed Churches

Responsibility To Increase
Jesus Is Building His Church
Christian Maturity
Teachers, Be Bridge Builders
Reaching Secular People
Life Cycle of A Church
Christian, You Are Gifted
Deacons -- Body or Board
And others ....

Other Beliefs:

Beliefs of Islam
Islam, Part Two
Islam, Part Two
Islam & Christianity
Jehovah Witness
Beliefs of Mormons
Book of Mormons
New Age Movement
New Age & The Bible 1
New Age & The Bible 2


hat Is Evangelism?
Observation of an Evangelist
Life-saving Station

How To Do:

Marriage Ceremonies
Wedding Suggestions

Conducting A Funeral
Suggestions for Funeral sermons
More to be added on funerals

Baby Dedications
Building Dedications
Dedication of New House
Others to be added ...

Family Sermons

Sermons on:
The Home

Sermon Preparation

The purpose of Sermon
is to enable pastors
to fine-tune their sermon
preparation and their preaching.

God is in the business of making
himself known and making himself
We can know God because God
is making himself known.

The mystery is that He does it
through preachers.
When the sermon is faithful
to God's purposes, God works
powerfully through
the imperfect instrument.
Preaching that proclaims God's word enables people to hear
from God.
Nothing is more important
than preaching that Word.

Let us pray that God will make
preaching the agent
of transformation that He
intended it to be.

From Dr. White:
I have taught a seminary extension
course in homiletics.
Our textbook was "Preparation and
Delivery Of Sermons
, authored by
Dr. John Broadus.
It was first published in 1870.
The latest revision was in 1926.
I also studied that book in seminary.

John A. Broadus (1827-1895),
the pre-eminent American Baptist
of the 19th century, and
a founder of the Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary and professor
of Greek and New Testament

This textbook has been the standard
 on which many books and studies
on homiletics has been based.
This web site will largely be based
on this textbook.
Sermon Preparation has also taken
 advantage of many resources
that can now be found
on the Internet.

I am still a learner, and I am indebted
to those who have provided me
with the resources and inspiration
throughout my life.”

Sermon Illustrations

Sermon Humor

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YEAR -- 2014

Added December, 2014

Christians Must Grow Up
Ephesians 4:14-16
Building A House
Ephesians 4:11-14
Back To Bethel
Genesis 35:1-15
Christ’s Call To Courage
Matthew 9:14
Confession Is Good For Soul
1 John 1:9

Added October,
and November 2014

Warning For Our Times
2 Samuel 15:6

Lord, Do It Again!
By Vance Havner

Sold Out To Jesus
Luke 14
We Can Have Revival!
2 Timothy 3:2-3
The Christian’s Walk
Ephesians 4:17-24

What Makes God Angry
Romans 1:24-25
Tabernacle Of The Most High
Ephesians 2:22
America A Century Ago
By David Dykes
Triumph In Time Of Trouble
Psalm 46

Added September, 2014

God’s Three Deadlines
Romans 1:21-32


The Blessed Hope
2 Timothy 1:12
Jesus - The Only Answer
Acts 8:35

Standing On The Promises
Ephesians 6:15
The Faithfulness Of God
Psalms 119:90


Are You A Hypocrite?
Matthew 23:1-13

Spend The Day With Jesus
Mark 1:21-39
It’s All About Love
Ephesians 5:8
A Fresh Experience With God
Matthew 17:1-21
Whatever Happened To Sin?
2 Samuel 12:1-14
Find Happiness And Satisfaction
Ecclesiastes 1:12 - 2:26

ADDED June, 2014

Help Hurting People
Acts 9:32-35
Enlarge The Work
Isaiah 54:2
The Church In The World
Matthew 20:20-28

Waiting For God
Isaiah 64:4
Fresh Experience With God
Matthew 17:1-21
Following God’s Will
Joshua 1:5-6
It’s Not About Us!
2 Corinthians 3:18

ADDED May, 2014

Sow -- Expect To Reap
Galatians 6:9
Common Grace
Isaiah 26:10

Imprisoned By The Past
Exodus 16:1-3

The Security We Need
John 16:33

Parable of The Seed
Mark 4:26-34

Experiencing The Presence
of God

2 Chronicles 7:14

ADDED April, 2014

Our Real Riches
Ephesians 3:14-21

John 6:66-71
Spiritual Power
Ephesians 6:10-12
Survival Secrets
Job 1:1-12

Paradox of The Church

Added March, 2014

What America Was Like
Nahum 1:1-8
Spirit Filled Life
Ephesians 3:19-21
The Apple of God’s Eye
Psalms 17
Doing The Impossible
1 Peter 1:17-25
New Beginnings
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Doing God’s Work God’s Way
John 2:24

Interuptions In Life
Luke 12:13
Guard The Unity
John 17:20-26

Stir Up Something
Hebrews 10:24
Here Is Life
Matthew 28:1-10

God Is Able!
Psalm 34:19
Our King Is Jesus
Matthew 27:27-31
Help For Discouraged
1 Samuel 38:3

Added February, 2014

Get To Know Jesus
John 10:1-10

Does Jesus Live Here?
Ephesians 6:17
I Am Not Alone!
John 16:32
Tolerant Or Intolerant?
Romans 12:9-21

Are You A Fanatic?
Acts 26:24-25;28
Hearing From God
1 Kings 18:421-46

Our Hope Is Jesus!
Hebrews 1:7-14
When The Seagulls Do Not Come
Habakkuk 1:4, and others

A Christlike Church
Colossians 3:9-17

Our Incompletions - Weaknesses
Romans 8:26
Stewardship of The Body
1 Corinthian 6:19-20

Added January, 2014

Is Your Watchdog Awake?
Matthew 6:22-23
Father, I’d Rather Not
Galatians 6:1-10
Constraining Love Of Christ
2 Corinthians 5:14
No-Fault Sin
Genesis 3:4
Maniac Becomes A Missionary
Mark 5:10-20

A Gracious Renewal
Psalm 51:10

Hearts Afire
Jeremiah 20:10

ADDED In July 2013

Faith Is The Victory!
Joshua 6:1
A Promise For Every Day
Deut. 33:25

As Jesus Passed BY
Matthew 9:9

What To Do When You Don’t
Know What To Do

2 Chronicles 20:12

A Stolen Identity
Genesis 25
Jesus Is All We Need
Hebrews 9:1-15

Reach Out To Everyone
Matthew 28:19
When We Meet Jesus
John 1:11-12

Acts 5:42

Power of Personal Vision
Habakkuk 1:1-5

Right Place - Right Time
1 Kings 178-10

Fit For The Master’s Use
2 Timothy 2:20-21

ADDED in August 2013
Gossip Is Destructive
Proverbs 18:8
Jesus Deals With Death
Luke 7:11-15
Love One Another
John 13:34-35
Duty of Every Christian
Acts 8:26-40
We Can Have Revival!
2 Timothy 3:2-3

John 14:1-6
 Do What You Couldn’t
 John 14:12

ADDED In November, 2013

God’s Great Compassion
Jonah 4:11
The Church - People of God
1 Peter 1:2-9

Promises to Keep
Luke 10:25-27
Motive For Serving God
1 Kings 18:21
1 Corinthians 13:11
Learn From The Ants
Proverbs 6:6-8
The Sluggard
Proverbs 6:6-15

The Price of A Soul
Matthew 16:26
The Lord Comes By
Genesis 28:16
Business of Every Christian
John 4:27-39
Discipline of Danger
Nehemiah 6:11
The Great Mystery
Ephesians 3:1-13

ADDED In October, 2013
Hindering Spirits
Mark 6:1-6
What About Judging?
John 7:24

What Does God Want?
Colossians 1:9-10
When The Going Gets Tough
2 Corinthians 1:3-4
Christ And Our Culture
Philippians 3:18-21
It Never Fails
Psalm 119:97-104

Put Away Childish Things
1 Corinthians 13:11

ADDED in September 2013
The Moment Of Truth
Luke 9:57-62
Transformed Into His Likeness
2 Corinthians 3:18

God Plus One
Judges 7:8
If A Man Dies
Job 14:14

Let The Fire Fall
1 Kings 18:17-39
Acknowledge Him
Proverbs 3:6

Bitter Weeds
Exodus 15

Your Account With God
Romans 4:3
Iron Chariots
Joshua 14:7-5

It’s About Hate
1 John 2:3-11
Self Righteous
Luke 18:11-12
Come Home
2 Timothy 4:10

ADDED In December, 2013

The Constraining Love of Christ
2 Corinthians 5:14
Longing For Egypt
Numbers 14:3-4
Envying The Wrong People
Hebrews 10:23-25
When God Says No
2 Samuel 7
David Verus Goliath
1 Samuel 17:32-49

God’s Amazing Love
Hosea 3:5-5
When You Really Mess Up!
Jonah 1:10-12
What’s Next?
Philippians 3:12-16
God Is Ready To Help
Psalm 121

All links that were on Recent and Past pages
can now be found in their books!

Some of the links do not have paragraphs,
but I pray that God will lead you to the ones
He would have you preach.

Spirit of Love
1 Corinthians 13:4

Parable of Holy Water
Ezekiel 47

Life Can Be Frustrating
John 5:1-18

Winning Is Not Enough -Repent
Matthew 4:17

Things Eternal
2 Corinthians 4:18

Precious Promises
2 Peter 1:1-4

Persecuted, Not Forsakened
1 Samuel 19:10-12

ADDED IN May 2013:
Faith To Faith
Romans 1:16-17
Love One Another
1 John 3:11-24
Lost Opportunities
Luke 21:29-36
What To Do With Failure
1 King 19:1-10

ADDED In April 2013
Not For Sale
Acts 8:9-20
Heaven Or Hell
Psa. 23; Matt. 7:13-14
Something Beautiful
Romans 10:1-4
Discouraging Word
Ephesians 4:29

People Need The Lord
Acts 4:12
Greatest Gift
Luke 7:11-14
Philippians 4:12
Mind of Christ
Philippians 2:5

ADDED in March 2013
Gods Expectations
The Cross of Christ
1 Corinthians 1:22-24
The Wrath of God
Romans 1:18-32
Understanding Grace
Romans 6:14
The Cross of Christ
1 Corinthians 1:22-24

ADDED In March
Whats Next?
Acts 2:36-47
Luke 6:37-39
Days of Destiny
Mark 1:1-12
What Are The Dues?
Luke 6:38

ADDED in February 2013
I Am Satisfied!
Philippians 4:12
Watch The Bees!
Judges 14:8
Results of Evangelism
Acts 2:47
God Slammed The Door!
Revelation 3:7-8
Lost Or Saved?
John 1:12 

ADDED in January 2013

Luke 9:51-62
What Kind of Man?
1 Corinthians 2:12; 3:6
Prayer For Everyday
Philippians 1:9-11
Grow Up!
1 Corinthians 13:11
Humility -- We Need It!
Luke 14:1;7-11

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